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Dream Productions was a group originally formed in early January of 2002.  Our business was throwing social parties and events with the intention of raising funds to open our own Denver area nightclub.  We threw three fetish events in early 2002, "Vanity", "Wrath", and "Lust" as the first three installments of our "Seven Deadly Sins" series of events.  We had a 100% increase in attendance between the first show and the second, and another 150% increase between the second and the third.  We were rocking the Denver area.  Then after that, the police shut down "The Labyrinth" which was the location we were using.  To clarify, The Labyrinth was a BDSM and fetish private club, a separate company through which we had a rental agreement.  The fact is that The Lab was closed down because the owner did not have most any of the licenses or permits he needed to run this type of establishment regardless of what he had told us several times over to the contrary, had we known there wasn't any licenses or permits we would have been more low key about our advertising as well as perhaps gotten them ourselves.  It was not our intent to get the owner busted, he was about to help us create our own location after all.  I'll post the dates, or maybe even a scan of the article the Denver Post ran about the closure if anyone is interested, or even the date that it was mentioned on "Good Morning America".  Ever since, we have gone fairly silent in the midst of various events in the lives of the primary organizational leaders.

     Now, we are minus one of our former founders and have recently found a new invaluable one.  We are hyped and ready to go, but this time personally attaining the required licenses, permits and even location.  Now we are planning to skip the parties phase and go straight to the club (of course if you want us to help you throw a party, drop us a line and we'll try to work out the specifics together.)  We are shooting for the lofty goal of opening "Elysium", a major downtown Denver nightclub with public nights and special member only nights, in about 6 months.  We want a nightclub that does things a little bit differently, one that is truly innovative and immersive.

     We are currently interested in finding people who are interested in helping (currently on a volunteer basis only, however when the time comes to hire staff, the most active volunteers will likely be our first choices), and there are countless ways in which you could do so.  We need people (especially those who attended our previous events) to start talking about us and raising the public interest first and foremost, other things we need are; volunteer "street marketers" (we give you fliers or stickers or whatnot, and you put them in front of the public eye how ever you see fit); your opinion about night clubs in the Denver area (we'll post a link to a survey soon; or just email us); business/legal advice; commercial real estate and zoning law assistance; help building a business plan; financial planning and projections assistance; help building an official website with forum, events calendar, members area, nightly playlists (once Elysium is open) and possibly more; and of course donations toward the cause would be greatly appreciated.
     Let me preemptively thank you so much for any help you may choose to offer.

     Thank you from myself, and all of us who make up the Dream Productions administration who are:

Beau: randomosity42, CaT: dream_shaper, Whit: inmyheadx2, and Karla (who isn't on LJ... yet!)